That’s a Wrap on SOUNDWAVE


SOUNDWAVE, a new sci-fi/action feature film written and directed by Dylan K. Narang, is currently in post-production and will be released in 2018. A teenage inventor’s life spirals into chaos when a nefarious group discovers he’s invented a device that can hear into the past. Starring Hunter Doohan, Katie Owsley, Vince Nappo and Paul Tassone […]

Luke Dowler – Soundtrack – All I Need


My song HALFWAY was featured in the horror movie ALL I NEED – click to go to the IMDB page.  Thanks to director Dylan Narang and composer Jacob Yoffee – who you probably heard on the latest Jungle Book Trailer. In case you’ve never heard the track here she is with the video below. This track closes out the […]

‘Dark Was the Night’ Comes to Netflix

Filmed in Southampton in 2012, the Caliber Media thriller Dark Was the Night hit Netflix instant streaming this month.  Directed and produced by Jack Heller and written by Tyler Hisel, the film stars Kevin Durand, Lukas Haas and Bianca Kajlich. The fictional setting is the town of Maiden Woods. Durand plays the hero of the film, the local […] Review: Dark Was the Night


Dark Was the Night is the story of Sheriff Paul Shields, a troubled lawman trying to endure the loss of one of his sons while still being a good father and protector of his community. While trying to live his life and maintain what relationships he has left, strange and deadly occurrences begin affecting the local […]


Dark Was the Night is the latest film from rookie director Jack Heller (Enter Nowhere). The film, from the promotional material, appears to be a creature feature. But, Dark Was the Night is centrally a family drama; the creatures lurk around the edges of the central setting, Maiden Woods. Though, they do make a late CGI appearance. Starring horror vet Nick […]


Maiden Woods is a remote and quiet town of decent hard-working people, but something stirs in the dark woods surrounding this isolated community. After a logging company decimates an area of the forest, a rash of increasingly violent and unexplainable events transpires. Sheriff Paul Shields (Kevin Durand) and his deputy (Lukas Haas) struggle to confront […]


Wicked Horror recently had the pleasure of speaking with the talented and incredibly down to earth Bianca Kajlich (Halloween: Resurrection, Rules of Engagement) about her role in the horror picture Dark Was the Night. She offered us her take on the film’s subtext, explained why she was eager to embrace playing a mother onscreen, and also weighed in on Kevin Durand’s resemblance […]


A mysterious beast menaces an upstate New York hamlet in “Dark Was the Night,” a well-crafted horror pic that compensates (at least to a point) for its lack of original ideas with nice atmospherics and judicious restraint. This sophomore directorial feature for indie producer Jack Heller reps an improvement on his first, 2011’s “Enter Nowhere,” though […]


This movie opens at a logging camp, a setting little seen in contemporary cinema. Trees getting cut, woods getting shredded, in a formidable forest framed by intimidating grey sky. It’s the end of the work day, and the men are supposed to be coming in, but a supervisor talks into his walkie talkie; he’s not […]


There’s certainly talent in Jack Heller’s fright film “Dark Was the Night,” beginning with its cast. The busy TV actor Kevin Durand (“The Strain” on FX, “Vikings” on History) — here playing a small-town New York sheriff contending with a supernatural monster of Native American legend — conveys tender sorrow and steely resolve with understated […]


It’s always refreshing when a modern horror film uses emotional themes, and good character work to wrap around all the terror. Too often, horror films descend into mindless excuses to slaughter young people in the least-bloody, most-watered-down PG-13 manner possible. So give points to Dark Was the Night for using a story about grief and doubt to […]


A mysterious cloven-hoofed creature menaces the residents of an isolated mountain town in Jack Heller’s low-budget horror film. As generic as its title, Jack Heller‘s monster-in-the-woods horror film aspires to be the stuff of nightmares but instead merely lulls the viewer into an untroubled sleep. While its emphasis on character dynamics and a slow burn atmosphere […]


Kevin Durand is a very familiar face to viewers of genre films. He’s appeared in films like Real Steel (2011), X-Men Origins: Wolverine (2009), Noah (2014), Resident Evil: Retribution (2012), I Am Number Four (2011) and Legion (2010). He’s also appeared in dozens of television series, and is currently co starring in the FX series The Strain. His latest film is something of a departure for him because he […]

Dread Central Dark Was the Night Review


From the very opening of Jack Heller’s creature-in-the-woods film, Dark Was the Night, I had a feeling that it was going to be worth some heavy mentioning, and senses don’t fail me now, I was right. The brutal slaughter of a logging foreman by an unseen force was just the right remedy for the current state […]

Film Pulse – All I Need


The setup for Dylan Narang’s feature debut, All I Need, is simple enough: a girl awakes, tied up in a room with multiple other girls – some dead, some unconscious – and she’s unaware of how she got there. Now she must escape before a masked killer comes back and kills her. Sound familiar? continue…

Los Angeles-based film festival Dances With Films announced their Narrative Features and SHorts Program competition lineup today, as well as an emerging filmmakers showcase of 16 narrative features and 32 short films. The competition films were selected by the DWF community from more than 2,000 blind film submissions. The festival, often referred to as a […]


A Horrornews exclusive, writer/director Dylan Narang spoke with me about his new film ALL I NEED. The film has the perfect amount of scare, tension and intensity. At certain points when you are watching the film you wonder what he was thinking to create such beautifully brilliant Hitchcock movements for his actors. I believe Hitchcock […]


Start with a closeup of a young woman in distress, tied up in a strange room wearing only her underwear, coming back to consciousness. Every corner of the room is a veritable slasher’s buffet, both beds, the closet, the shelves, everything, is covered in dead or unconscious women in their underwear. Heavy footsteps announce the […]

CULTURE CRYPT Review: All I Need

Culture Crypt

Horror-thriller “All I Need” unfolds in parallel storylines.  In story A, a bound and gagged young woman named Chloe wakes inside a dirty hotel room full of similarly imprisoned women.  No one has any idea how anyone got there, who kidnapped everyone, or why.  In story B, a desperate sad sack named Andrew finds the […]


The horror tree has many branches. Although there are torture elements to ALL I NEED, this movie falls under a suspense/thriller rather than torture porn. Written and Directed by Dylan K. Narang, ALL I NEED presents an interesting story with some unique reasoning. There are things that are done incredibly well in this film and […]



The only previous knowledge I had of this film was it’s title. I believe it’s very fitting for how you just get thrown into it as well. It’s a tale of mystery and survival all tied together into a terrifying story of the unknown.  (continued…)

Cinema Slasher “All I Need” Review

Cinema Slasher

A girl wakes up in a room, bound, gagged, and with no recollection of how she ended up in this predicament. Sound familiar? Well don’t get too far ahead of yourself. Dylan K. Narang’s All I Needtakes this cliche setup and adds just enough spice and originality to keep things fresh and interesting.  (continued…)

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Chloe (Caitlin Stasey) wakes up in a strange place – in only her underwear, gagged and with her arms tied behind her back.  It looks to be a rundown, nasty hotel room.  On the floor and beds around her are other young women – some dead, some just unconscious – also in their drawers and […]

“Something lives in our woods… And it’s looking for food, and it found us.” Put away the children, and hide under the floorboards. Image Entertainment has debuted a full trailer for the film Dark Was the Night, a small-town horror thriller about a sheriff who struggles to handle a “new breed of raw terror” found in their […]


Image Entertainment, an RLJ brand, has announced a July 24th, 2015 release for Dark Was the Night, which stars Kevin Durand, Lukas Hass, Heath Freeman, Sabina Gadecki and Nick Damici. Directed by Jack Heller from a script by Tyler Hisel, “A long slumbering evil is awoken in the trees, outside the remote town of Maiden Woods. Isolated and […]

the art of Barret Chapman


Hi all, here is the poster I created for the independent feature All I Need from director Dylan Narang.  It’s currently competing in the Nova Film Fest - Dylan informs me that our poster has been nominated for Best Art and Design so cross your fingers!  (continued…)

Black List Horror Pic

Image Entertainment has acquired the North American distribution rights for Caliber Media’s Dark Was The Night, starring The Strain‘s Kevin Durand and Lukas Haas as local sheriffs battling an ancient evil. Jack Heller directed from a script by Tyler Hisel that made the 2009 Black List under the title The Trees. Image, a division of RLJ Entertainment, is planning […]

Dark Was the Night Casts Shadows Over AFM 2014


The upcoming monster movie directed by Jack Heller and featuring “The Strain’s” Kevin Durand, entitled Dark Was the Night, is heading to the big dance out in Los Angeles known as AFM, and we have your details right here.  (continued…)


PUMPKINHEAD and WINTER’S BONE. Those are two films I hear Jack Heller’s DARK WAS THE NIGHT compared to the most. While it’s a strange match, it’s that unusual mixture of small-town drama and hellbeast-on-the-loose horrorshow that makes this picture – which is currently filming in Southampton, NY – one to thoroughly anticipate. Just last week I was […]