Review: Dark Was the Night

Dark Was the Night is the story of Sheriff Paul Shields, a troubled lawman trying to endure the loss of one of his sons while still being a good father and protector of his community. While trying to live his life and maintain what relationships he has left, strange and deadly occurrences begin affecting the local logging industry and farming communities. Rumors start flying about demonic creatures that may be inhabiting the woods surrounding the small town. It’s then up to Sheriff Shields and his deputy to work with the townsfolk and uncover the mystery behind it all.

How the hell can you not love a horror film starring Kevin Durand and Lukas Haas. This movie is a surprising and rewarding creature feature that focuses more on individual characters and motives, than forced atmosphere and weak jump scares. In a time when the majority of horror movies are found footage commercialized schlockfests, Dark Was the Night stands out as a film that goes back to genre basics in a very good way. With Jack Heller’s direction and Tyler Hisel’s script, this film works and does it’s job well.  (full article…)