Wicked Horror recently had the pleasure of speaking with the talented and incredibly down to earth Bianca Kajlich (Halloween: Resurrection, Rules of Engagement) about her role in the horror picture Dark Was the Night. She offered us her take on the film’s subtext, explained why she was eager to embrace playing a mother onscreen, and also weighed in on Kevin Durand’s resemblance […]


A mysterious beast menaces an upstate New York hamlet in “Dark Was the Night,” a well-crafted horror pic that compensates (at least to a point) for its lack of original ideas with nice atmospherics and judicious restraint. This sophomore directorial feature for indie producer Jack Heller reps an improvement on his first, 2011’s “Enter Nowhere,” though […]


This movie opens at a logging camp, a setting little seen in contemporary cinema. Trees getting cut, woods getting shredded, in a formidable forest framed by intimidating grey sky. It’s the end of the work day, and the men are supposed to be coming in, but a supervisor talks into his walkie talkie; he’s not […]


There’s certainly talent in Jack Heller’s fright film “Dark Was the Night,” beginning with its cast. The busy TV actor Kevin Durand (“The Strain” on FX, “Vikings” on History) — here playing a small-town New York sheriff contending with a supernatural monster of Native American legend — conveys tender sorrow and steely resolve with understated […]


It’s always refreshing when a modern horror film uses emotional themes, and good character work to wrap around all the terror. Too often, horror films descend into mindless excuses to slaughter young people in the least-bloody, most-watered-down PG-13 manner possible. So give points to Dark Was the Night for using a story about grief and doubt to […]


A mysterious cloven-hoofed creature menaces the residents of an isolated mountain town in Jack Heller’s low-budget horror film. As generic as its title, Jack Heller‘s monster-in-the-woods horror film aspires to be the stuff of nightmares but instead merely lulls the viewer into an untroubled sleep. While its emphasis on character dynamics and a slow burn atmosphere […]


Kevin Durand is a very familiar face to viewers of genre films. He’s appeared in films like Real Steel (2011), X-Men Origins: Wolverine (2009), Noah (2014), Resident Evil: Retribution (2012), I Am Number Four (2011) and Legion (2010). He’s also appeared in dozens of television series, and is currently co starring in the FX series The Strain. His latest film is something of a departure for him because he […]