All I Need

Chloe opens her eyes from a deep sleep to a strange and unfamiliar sight:  A side view looking under the DIRTY, TATTERED, and UNSTRAIGHTENED BED-SKIRT of a TWIN-BED.  What she can make out is a seemingly empty circa 1970s motel room.  Through her obscured view, she sees a CHIPPED WALL and what must have once been a BRIGHTLY COLORED CARPET (now pock-marked with globs of foulness).

Chloe’s pounding HEADACHE gives way to the realization that she doesn’t know where she is.

There’s something else wrong too.  She is GAGGED.  She attempts to remove it – but can’t.

Chloe’s HANDS are BOUND behind her back. Chloe’s FEET are TIED. She wears only a TANK-TOP and her UNDER-WEAR.

She begins to struggle against her ties. Chloe screams – rather, what can best be called a dull noise due to the gag. It is not loud. The struggling is for naught.

Chloe begins to thrash her body as the full severity of her situation washes over her…

She heaves herself onto her back and gets a fuller view of the room and her position as her eyes dot back and forth.

Chloe is on the ground in a DIRTY, SOILED MOTEL ROOM in-between TWO TWIN BEDS with once matching, but now TATTERED BED COVERINGS. An OLD WOODEN NIGHT STAND separates the beds above her. Disrepair puts it lightly.

Through her struggling, Chloe bumps the nearby bed – a DEAD GIRL’S HAND falls onto his face – it’s wrist adorned with HOMEMADE KEEPSAKE BRACELET.

Chloe loses it – she screams, thrashes, and fights against her bindings – slipping onto her side away from the bed.

-and comes face-to-face with Emma, also gagged and bound.

Emma is lifeless – wears only her bra and panties – dark circles overlap her shut eyes.

Chloe does not take the sight well…




Caitlin Stasey (Reign, Tomorrow When the War Began), Rachel Melvin (Dumb and Dumber too, Zombeavers), Leah McKendrick (Beyond Deceit), and Markus Taylor (Deadheads).


Written and Directed by Dylan K. Narang

Produced by Dylan K. Narang, Jeffrey J. Robinson

Cinematography by Collin Brazie

Edited by Phil Bucci

Composed by Jacob Yoffee